<![CDATA[wvhorseowners - Blog]]>Fri, 29 Jan 2016 04:31:05 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[Channel 13 News Story One Sided]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 15:42:18 GMThttp://wvhorseowners.weebly.com/blog/channel-13-news-story-one-sidedIn 2014 the Forest Riding Club (an affiliated name for Sun Fire Arabians) was slandered and viciously attacked by previous boarders when the ownership of the stables changed hands. 

People please be careful what you say against a business. A news story went out by Channel 13 News claiming that the horses were not being cared for at the facility under a new name. 

Getting to the truth of the story, the previous owner could no longer afford to run the business and some of the boarders decided they couldn't afford to pay added expenses to care for their horses as she requested several months before going out of business. Instead of discussing a boarding contract with the new owner (Diamond T Stables, LLC) the boarders decided to band together involving a news station to destroy the new business owner claiming that the horses were neglected and being starved.  They not only blemished the new business, they also destroyed the previous business and her name after twenty six years of the hard work and devotion she had put into the care of other people's horses. 

If any horses left the stable with issues, it was because of neglect on the owners part for not taking the advice of the manager to deworm their horses and pay for extra supplements as they were advised many times. The boarders even went as far as claiming the new owner to be a convict, con artist, fraud, and more, when he came to the establishment to save the stable from going under. 

The truth of the matter is, the original owner (due to physical issues) was no longer able to walk, therefore a new manager had been put into place at the facility to care for the horses. After all the boarders left the stable the horses left behind were older horses and were stressed over the absence of their original care taker. She was gone for a month before she was able to return to the stable to see the horses again. In the midst of confusion and accusations the Channel 13 News came to do a story on the stable. 

Again, people, remember to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. The Humane Services were called six times to come check on the horses while the original barn owner was away. They never saw one problem with the facility or the horses. As a matter of fact they mentioned that they would indeed have their horses at the Diamond T. Stables Facility if they owned one because of the overwhelming amount of attention the horses received there (by the new manager).  The horses that were displayed on the news story were older horses and the horses that were stressing over their original care taker.  One of them close to 35 years of age refused to eat because her caretaker was not in sight as horses sometimes will.  

Those of you who read this notice, please be advised that the original owner of the Forest Riding Club is still at the facility to oversee the horses care on a daily basis. When you arrive with your horse at this facility you will love the care your horse receives. They are fed and watered four times a day. Stalls are cleaned once a day. 

Just remember what people can do to turn a good thing into something bad only to hurt others  if they do not get their way.  The same as children throwing a fit.

Channel 13 News and many of the past boarders at this facility will be facing charges against them in this case such as Libel, Slander, defamation of character, stalking,  to name a few.

The Kanawha Humane Officers are more than happy to testify in the court of law against these people. 

The important point to remember here is that horses can and will stress over a situation where many changes are taking place. The original owner had Arabians. They are a special breed not like other horses. They get very attached to their owner or caretaker and require additional love and affection from the hand that feeds them. Although they were receiving proper attention and care they still stressed.

At this facility under new ownership I can speak from the horse's mouth that the horses are well cared for.  It is a great place to trail ride and know your horse is in good hands.

We feed only TOP QUALITY FEED products, not anything less.  If you have any questions or comments about this statement feel free to contact the Kanawha Humane Officials to verify this statement yourself.